Bench. How to choose?

Beam correction device manufacturers are not the same size, uneven, in the selection of products is really a headache, Yantai empire of business summed up the practice of several purchase suggestions, hoping to help those in need of equipment but hesitant customers:

1, Production and material selection on the market: the beam correction instrument platform material is mainly divided into three kinds: steel, square and the whole board, the performance of manganese plate material is the most outstanding, followed by the square pipe materials, steel material characteristics of common intensity difference, easy bending, so do not recommend purchase;

Material and non GB GB points, many manufacturers have said their products is an international standard materials, the market really GB products scanty.

2, Price position: product selection according to their own situation (the scale of operation, business flow) and decide, many products on the market to configure the rich, complete functions, low price for the gimmicks to attract customers, do not believe in heaven diaoxianbing thing, method of rob Peter to pay Paul who will (buy cheap materials, additional configuration), especially the latter equipment problems, time-consuming and laborious. Our company ES806 the GB high-quality manganese plate, a cutting and forming a plasma, ensure the work intensity; square tower structure with two lifting function, saving time and effort; repair models widely, moderate price, suitable for all kinds of testing stations and auto repair factory, the purchase can be used as reference.

3, Customer service service: customer service is the extension of the sales, customer service and product selection to choose two link is equally important, the product is good, once the problems of customer service and does not follow to go up, delay time does not say, also affect the overall efficiency of company. Customer service mainly to other service attitude, work efficiency, follow-up care for reference.

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